User manual

PRIDE PPP-AR v2.2 manual-en.pdf

Installation and validation
Step 1: Make sure you have installed some essential programs in advance.
i.e., bash, make, gfortran, wget
Step 2: Run script ./ to install the program automatically. (This script executes Makefile to build CUI APs and add CUI APs to system PATH (~/.PRIDE_PPPAR_BIN/*)).
If you see the prompt shown in the picture below, the installation is completed normally.


Figure 1. successfully installed interface

Step 3: Input y/Y to run the example.

General operation steps
Step 1: Make sure you have the software installed. For the method of installing software, see section 5.2.2.
Step 2: Refer to section 5.4.1 and section 5.4.2 of manual, if you want to modify other configuration options in addition to the command line options, modify the configuration file based on the configuration file template in the “table” directory in the software package.
Step 3: In case of non-networked solving, it is necessary to prepare in advance the external files to be downloaded and place them in the corresponding directories. This includes precision products, partial table files and broadcast ephemeris, refer to the last part of Section 4.3 and Appendix A.
Step 4: [Optional choice for stations offshore] Get Ocean tide loading parameters using the coordinates in according to the website (, or you can calculate the station coordinates by spp, such as
 spp  -trop saas path-to-data/RINEXo path-to-data/RINEXn
Choose the model FES2004 (Figure 2), and leave the rest of the options as default.


Figure 2. Ocean tide model

Then submit a task by add station coordinates as below at the website. When you get the oceanload coefficients through your email, append them to oceanload in “Table directory” as the original format (Figure 3).


Figure 3. Submitting the task

Step 5: Calling pdp3 for data processing.

pdp3 [-cfg path-to-config/config ……] path-to-data/RINEXo

Step 6:After processing, check the solution files in path-to-project/year/doy directory.

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