Ⅰ. Improper operation
1. Software installation directory, “Table directory” or “Product directory” contains spaces in the path.

A: Remove the spaces in the path

2. Wrong “Table directory” or “Product directory” modification

A: Check and correct the path

3. The command line specifies a sample rate smaller than the sample rate in the observation file



A: The input sample rate should be greater than or equal to the sample rate in the observation file, and between 0.02s and 30s
4. The configuration file contains multiple lines at the station list

A: After v2.1, only one station can be retained in the station list in the configuration file

5. Not decompressed when using other products


A: When using other products, first decompress them and put them into the "common" subdirectory under the product directory, then modify the product name in the configuration file to the corresponding product file name (without the compressed suffix)

Ⅱ System software-related
1. “Thefloowing floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DENORMAL“ appears

A: Compiler version problem, will not affect the solution results
2. The default shell interpreter is not bash
A: Change shell interpreter to bash
3. Prompt “wget:unrecognized option ‘—show-progress’“

A: The wget version is low. Upgrade wget or modify the pdp3 script WgetDownload() function by deleting the “--show-progress“ option

III. Raw data issues
1. Missing data in the observation file

For example, the file has observations for only one epoch
2. Irregular
format of observation file

3. The number of satellites given in the row of the epoch time in the observation file does not match the actual number of satellites

4. Attention to the epoch matching window when processing high-rate data

Ⅳ redig run failed
1. Missing dual-frequency observations, identified as "DEL_LESSTHAN4OBS" in the “log“ file

2. When the observation quality is poor or the processing time is short, fewer observations are available.The line in the header of the log file where "EPO AVA/REM/NEW" is located.

3. The LAMBDA method is used when the processing time is long, resulting in a large matrix dimension and adjusting failure

A: Modify the ambiguity resolution method to take the rounding method


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