Notice to users

The calculation results should be based on the latest version of the software on Github webpage. If you encounter problems using an old version of the software, please update it.

You can contact us for bug reports and comments by sending an email to pride@whu.edu.cn

For Chinese users, we provide Tencent QQ Group service. QQ group: 971523302

Examples of FAQ

1.“The floowing floating-point exceptions are signalling: IEEE_DENORMAL“ appears


A: Compiler version problem, will not affect the solution results

2.  The default shell interpreter is not bash


A: Change shell interpreter to bash

3. Irregular format of observation file


4. Missing dual-frequency observations, identified as "DEL_LESSTHAN4OBS" in the “log“ file


5. The LAMBDA method is used when the processing time is long, resulting in a large matrix dimension and adjusting failure


A: Modify the ambiguity resolution method to take the rounding method

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