2018 Seismogeodesy Workshop was held in GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University

Date:[2018-09-10] Clicks:[8389]

On September 9,2018,The Seismogeodesy Workshop was held in GNSS research center, Wuhan University. The workshop was organized by GNSS research center, Wuhan University and China Earthquake Administration(CEA). 30 Experts and more than 20 students from USTC, CEA, China University of Geosciences(Wuhan),Peking University, University of Oregon and Wuhan University attended.
         Academician Liu Jingnan gave a speech about seismogeodesy workshop at the beginning, and Professor Geng Jianghui gave a general introduction of the workshop. The reports are on the topics related to seismic slip distribution inversion, ground motion estimation, co-/post-seismic earthquake deformation, GNSS and strong motion data application, earthquake and tsunami early warning, post-earthquake space-time evolution and Coulomb stress. Professor Geng Jianghui and Wang Baoshan made a summary of the workshop. The discussion at the workshop was overwhelming and the experts at the meeting had a full exchange. This workshop was a complete success!


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