Assistant professor Li-Ta Hsu of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was invited to give a report in GNSS center

Date:[2020-01-07] Clicks:[447]

On the morning of 6th January 2020, at the invitation of Professor Geng Jianghui, Dr. Li-Ta Hsu, assistant professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, gave an academic presentation entitled “Development and Future Prospects of 3DMA GNSS” in the conference room on the 13th floor of GNSS Center. Professor Geng, Professor Niu Xiaoji and more than 40 graduate students attended this report.

Dr. Hsu took the NLOS signals in urban areas as the original focus and realized continuous and reliable positioning of intelligent terminals through 3D urban model and satellite visibility analysis. He also shared with the teachers and students in detail the work and achievements of his team to solve the problem. After the report, the present teachers, students and Dr. Hsu discussed the relative and popular research issues. Dr. Hsu showed students an unconventional way to use GNSS, which expanded their thinking and benefited them a lot.

In the afternoon, the research group invited Dr. Hsu to have a face to face discussion on the outstanding issues we are facing. Teachers and graduate students in related research fields were also invited to participate in the discussion. Dr. Li Guangcai gave a report about the group research on the field of high precision positioning using intelligent terminals, and a thorough discussion was carried on in these issues. Certain complementary characteristics were found between the two teams in the research field, and collaborative research could be undertaken in the future.




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