Members of the PRIDE Team Won the First Prize in the Algorithm Capability Category of the First Beidou Intelligent Creator Competition

Date:[2020-01-13] Clicks:[315]

Under the guidance of Professor Geng, on January 10, 2020, team members Guangcai Li, Hua Chang, Enming Jiang, and Jihang Lin won the only first prize in the algorithm capability category of the first Beidou Intelligent Creator Competition held by Shanghai Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Company with their work "Design of Xiaomi 8 Smartphone Dual Frequency Multi-System Robust Adaptive RTK Algorithm"

This work was mainly based on the characteristics of the dual-frequency multi-system GNSS raw observations of Xiaomi 8 smartphone, and the robust adaptive RTK algorithm was optimized. Our algorithm had some optimization and innovation, which included cycle slip detection, satellite selection, weighting model, processing noise model, and filtering algorithm, so that robust high-precision positioning can be achieved, especially for complex urban and canyon environments.

Through this competition, not only did we win the best award, but also enhanced the communication with other teams and benefited a lot. Our team will continue to work on the research of high-precision positioning technology towards smartphones. We try our best to contribute to the democratization and development of high-precision navigation and positioning in the mass market field.





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