PrideLab member Guangcai Li won the “ION GNSS+ 2020 Student Paper Award

Date:[2020-10-15] Clicks:[361]

Guangcai Li won the “ION GNSS+ 2020 Student Paper Award” for his paper "Synchronizing and Integrating Android Multi-GNSS/accelerometer Sensors to Capture Broadband Vibrations at Sub-Centimeter Resolution".

This work was completed with the supervision of Professor Jianghui Geng and the assistance of Feng Wang and Chiyu Long. They proposed a GPS timing method for the smartphone accelerometer based on the raw GNSS observation data, and a strategy to synchronize and integrate GNSS and accelerometer of smartphones. They demonstrate that Android multi-GNSS data can be synchronized and integrated effectively with smartphone accelerometers to resolve sub-centimeter vibrations, which will boost the application of super low-cost sensors in earthquake and structure monitoring.

The ION GNSS+ conference is the world’s largest technical meeting for GNSS technology, products and services. Guangcai Li is one of the four winners of the “Student Paper Award” this year. He shared their report at the ION GNSS+ 2020 Virtual Conference. Click here to watch:



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