Congratulations to Dr. Gang Zheng who is selected for National Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program and successful in Newton International Fellowship application

Date:[2021-02-13] Clicks:[73]

     Recently, the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation announced the finalist of Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program 2020, and Dr. Gang Zheng from our group was successfully selected.
     The Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program is a national-level top-notch youth talent support program, established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee, which aims to accelerate the forming of a group of outstanding young innovative talents in the forefront of science and technology. With the resources of national laboratories and other key scientific research bases, the program aims at national major strategies, strategic high-tech fields and basic science frontiers. Only 400 outstanding PhDs who have recently graduated are selected for the program, and each one wins a grant of RMB 630,000.
     Also, Dr. Gang Zheng has recently received the formal award letter for Newton International Fellowships 2020 from the Royal Society, and a grant of £104,962 has been agreed in support of his application. The Newton International Fellowship Scheme, made available by the Royal Society, British Academy and Academy of Medical Sciences, was established in 2008 to selec t the very best early career postdoctoral researchers from all over the world, and enable them to work at UK research institutions for two years. The award has a highly prestigious nature, and the holders are recognised as leaders and potential leaders in their fields. Each year only about 40 applications can be supported through the strict review process.


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