The May 21 Qinghai Mw7.3 earthquake was captured by BeiDou in real time

Date:[2021-05-22] Clicks:[530]

      A Mw7.3 earthquake occurred in Qinghai, China at 18:04 on May 21 (UTC) and was captured in real time by BeiDou with a rapid earthquake magnitude estimate of M7.1 based on peak ground displacements (PGD). According to USGS, The epicenter is 34.586°N, 98.255°E and the magnitude is Mw7.3. It is a strike-slip faulting with a component of normal faulting.

      The GSeisRT software developed in the PRIDE Lab, Wuhan University has successfully captured this event in real-time using BeiDou along with GPS and GLONASS data. The CMONOC station QHMD is about 37.35km north of the epicenter and was displaced permanently by about 22 cm and 7 cm in the east and north components, respectively. Accordingly, the PGD based magnitude at QHMD is 7.1, demonstrating the high efficiency of GNSS in rapidly resolving the magnitudes of large earthquakes. This is the first time that real-time high-precision BeiDou captures a large earthquake event in China.



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