IGS AC/DC activities in Wuhan University

Date:[2022-01-08] Clicks:[12858]

      On January 5, the IGS working group of the GNSS Center of Wuhan University held a discussion meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Zhao Qile and Prof. Geng Jianghui. The meeting was divided into two stages. One was to summarize the achievements made by each team since joining the IGS Analysis Center, and the other was to make plans for the future development.

      GNSS Center of Wuhan University joined IGS in 2012, and this year marks the tenth anniversary of joining IGS. It is the only center in Asia that provides daily orbit and clock products. In the past ten years, the GNSS center has made great achievements, but it also faces many challenges in the new era. The GNSS center will be committed to playing a greater role in the IGS analysis center in the next ten years.


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