Tonga volcano eruption displacement signal captured by PRIDE PPP-AR

Date:[2022-01-16] Clicks:[14860]

      On January 16, PRIDE group used PRIDE PPP-AR to perform kinematic precise point positioning at the IGS station TONG in Tonga, an island country in the South Pacific, and successfully captured the displacement signals generated by the volcanic eruption, the largest horizontal and vertical displacement. are beyond 10 cm. According to reports, the submarine volcano in the waters near Tonga erupted violently at 12:04 on January 15 (CST), causing the country to lose contact for several hours after the eruption, and the extent of the damage is not yet clear. The positioning results demonstrate the rapid computing capability of PRIDE PPP-AR, which is expected to be further applied in future seismic research.


Figure 1 Coordinate series at TONG before and after volcano eruption, solved by PRIDE PPP-AR


Figure 2 Map of volcano and IGS site TONG

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