Project Performance Self-evaluation Meeting of National Key Research and Development Project Was Successfully Held

Date:[2022-03-17] Clicks:[14893]

      The project team of the National Key R&D Project "Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Large Earthquake Incubation and Deformation by Integrated Space Observation Technology" held a self-evaluation meeting on March 13, 2022, at the Light Court Conference Room on the 15th floor of GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University. The meeting was conducted in a combination of online and offline manner, inviting responsible experts Chen Xiaofei, academician of Southern University of Science and Technology as the leader of the expert group; Xiong Xiong, professor of China University of Geosciences as the deputy leader of the expert group, and the expert group members include Researcher Jiang Changsheng, Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration; Researcher Du Fang, Sichuan Earthquake Bureau; Researcher Yuan Yunbin, Institute of Surveying and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Researcher Huang Guoman, China Academy of Surveying and Mapping Sciences; Researcher Meng Qingyan, Institute of Air and Space Information Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The seven experts provided guidance and comments on the subject self-evaluation report.
        Prof. Li Zhen, Vice President of Wuhan University Science and Technology Development Institute, delivered a speech first, and then Prof. Jiang Weiping, Director of GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University, introduced the overall completion of the project; the six project leaders (including Prof. Geng Jianghui of Wuhan University, Researcher Qu Chunyan of Geological Research Institute of China Earthquake Administration, Prof. Li Zhiwei of Central South University, Prof. Xu Caijun of Wuhan University, Researcher Tan Kai of Earthquake Research Institute of China Earthquake Administration, and Researcher Wu Yanqiang of the First Testing Center of the China Earthquake Administration) gave their self-evaluation reports on the topics in turn.
        Academician Chen Xiaofei presided over the morning session and Professor Xiong Xiong presided over the afternoon session. The participating experts questioned the research results and the completion of the indicators one by one, focusing on understanding the synergistic relationship within the project and among the topics, and gave comments and optimization suggestions on the reported content. Finally, the expert group discussed the performance evaluation of each topic and unanimously passed the self-evaluation of each topic, and the meeting was a complete success.






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