The first online course of PRIDE PPP-AR held on BiliBili

Date:[2022-05-19] Clicks:[14882]

    The PRIDE group held their first online course of PRIDE PPP-AR on the BiliBili Live on May 7th, 2022. The usage, principles, advanced operations of PRIDE PPP-AR, and basic information about GUI were introduced and taught in this course. Prof. Jianghui Geng delivered a speech before the start of the course. He expressed his gratitude to the team members for their hard work and the support of the users in the past three years. He hoped that the software can enhance the international influence of Chinese researchers in the field of GNSS. Zeng Jing gave a lecture on the overall situation of the software, recent updates and general operation procedures; Lin Jihang taught the basic principles and advanced operations of the software, and demonstrated the operation process of the software in different modes; Li Wenyi taught how to use the GUI version provided for Windows and macOS users. After the lecture, the three speakers from the PRIDE group communicated with the live audience and answered relevant questions raised by the live audience.


The recording and teaching materials (in Chinese) of this course were uploaded on the course website. The audience can review the relevant situation of this course from the following links:
Recording: Basics about PRIDE PPP-AR
Recording: Advanced operations, the GUI version, Q&A
The teaching materials and other informations
    PRIDE PPP-AR (Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution) originates in Dr. Maorong Ge’s efforts on PPP-AR and later developed by Prof. Jianghui Geng’s team. The software is currently completely open source under the GPL-3.0 license. Users can download the source code of the software and the GUI version of the software package through GitHub. In the recently updated v2.2 version, PRIDE PPP-AR supports more simple and easy-to-use command line usage, use of real-time service (RTS) products, multi-day processing within 5 days and other new functions, some issues in the earlier versions of this software were also fixed.
GitHub Repository: PRIDE PPP-AR

    You can contact us for bug reports and comments by sending an email or leaving a message on our website. For Chinese users, we provide Tencent QQ Group (971523302) service.

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