Congratulations to the masters of our group for successfully passing the master's degree defense

Date:[2022-05-24] Clicks:[14854]

        On the morning of May 23, 2022, Zhang Qi, Yang Songfeng, Mao Shuyin and Wei Yiran, the 2019 masters of the research group, successfully passed the master's degree defense.

      With the careful guidance of Professor Geng Jianghui and their own efforts, they successfully completed their master's thesis. The master thesis titles of Zhang Qi, Yang Songfeng, Mao Shuyin and Wei Yiran are “Research on Several Problems of PPP Rapid Response Based on Real-time GNSS Products”, “Research on the Influence of Multi-GNSS Phase Deviation and Attitude Quaternion on PPP-AR”, “Synthesis of Multi-system Clock Deviation and Phase Deviation Products in the Third Reprocessing of IGS”, and “Research on Independent Integrity Monitoring of Receiver Based on Single epoch decimeter positioning”. After Professor Qiao Xuejun,the chairman of the defense committee, read out their defense results, they all took photos with experts and Professor Geng, and expressed their gratitude to Professor Geng for his earnest teaching and the selfless help of other members of the research group. The PRIDE research group would like to express warm congratulations to all the successful graduates of master's degree, and wish them a bright future!



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