Congratulations to Jiang Guo for successfully defending his Ph.D thesis!

Date:[2022-05-24] Clicks:[14885]

    On May 23, 2022, Guo, a 2019-level doctor of PRIDE Lab, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation with full honors.
     Under the careful guidance of Prof. Jianghui Geng, Dr. Jiang Guo completed his doctoral dissertation titled "Research on Refinement and Ambiguity Fixing Method of Multi-frequency Multi-system PPP Model". Based on the multi-frequency PPP ambiguity fixing technology, this paper proposes a solution from the perspective of refining the current multi-frequency error correction model and optimizing the fast ambiguity fixing method for the slow initialization problem that PPP has always faced. After Prof. Bian Shaofeng, the chairman of the defense committee, read out the results of his defense, he expressed his appreciation for Prof. Geng's earnest teaching and the selfless help of other members of the research group. The PRIDE Lab research team would like to express warm congratulations to Dr. Guo Jiang on his successful graduation, and wish him a bright future and a long journey!


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