The monograph GNSS earthquake geodesy was published

Date:[2022-07-16] Clicks:[14696]


author:Jianghui Geng

  GNSS Seismogeodesy covers GNSS and seismology theory and applications to offer both disciplines the background information needed to integrate their observations for improved Earth observing. It explores the opportunities for integrating GNSS and seismometers, as well as applications for earthquake early warning. It allows seismologists to better understand how GNSS positions are computed and how they can be combined with seismic data; it also allows geodesists to better understand how to apply GNSS to monitoring earthquake radiated waves.
  GNSS Seismogeodesy is a valuable reference for researchers and students studying the interdisciplinary connection between GNSS geodesy and strong-motion seismology, as well as working on new approaches for monitoring and predicting geologic hazards.
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