Tour de l’ IGS committee in Wuhan University

Date:[2022-09-28] Clicks:[14704]

    On Sep. 27, committee for the fourth stop of the Tour de l’ IGS was led by the GNSS Center at Wuhan University. Professors Zhao Qile and Geng Jianghui were in charge to organize the committee. The topic was “BDS Constellation Spotlight”, and scholars all over the world gathered on 12:00 (UTC) at Zoom virtual conference room.

    Professors Geng Jianghui and Leo Martire chaired the meeting, while UNAVCO provided technical support. Reports were given by international speakers including Dr. Lu Jun, Prof. Zhu Xiangwei, Prof. Hu Xiaogong, Prof. Tom Herring, Prof. Peter Steigenberger, assistant Prof. Guojing and etc.

    Reports focused on services of BDS-3 and properties of BDS-3 signals, comprising BDS reference frame, precise products, PNT performance, PCO corrections, BDS-3 short message communication and real-time PPP. The record video will be uploaded on


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