IGS AC/DC Workshop at Wuhan University in 2023

Date:[2023-01-10] Clicks:[3385]

      On the morning of January 9, 2023, the IGS working group of the GNSS Center of Wuhan University held an online and offline discussion meeting under the chairmanship of Professor Geng Jianghui. This meeting was divided into two parts. First, each team made a phased summary of the achievements since 2022, and then discussed the existing problems and planned and looked forward to the future development direction.

      Professor Geng Jianghui first delivered a speech on behalf of Mr. Zhao Qile, and summarized the development status of IGS and the main activities of the IGS Center of Wuhan University in 2022. On behalf of IGS AC/DC of Wuhan University, Professor Li Min introduced the maintenance situation and future work of IGS AC/DC of Wuhan University in 2022. Teacher Tu Bingying introduced the relevant parameters and data of the WUHN station. Accuracy indicators of track products, adjustment of calculation strategies, switching to IGS20 framework are also introduced. On behalf of IGS-RT AC, Associate Professor Gu Shengfeng introduced the data flow of the real-time clock released by Wuhan University and the subsequent solution improvement strategy. On behalf of PPP-AR AC, Dr. Zhang Qiyuan mainly introduced the maintenance of the bias product this year and the clock merging work for the third reprocessing. On behalf of Antenna AC, Professor Hu Zhigang introduced the improvement and evaluation of related methods for GNSS antenna calibration. On behalf of Ionosphere AC, Postdoctoral fellow Zhang Qiang introduced the quality and latest progress of Wuhan University's ionospheric and pseudorange OSB products. Postdoctoral fellow Xu Xiaolong mainly introduced the accuracy and model update of Ultra-rapid products of Wuhan University in this year. Associate Professor Dai Xiaolei mainly introduced the accuracy of self-developed ultra-rapid orbit products and problems related to solution strategies.

      The GNSS Center of Wuhan University joined GNSS in 2012 and is the only analysis center in Asia that provides daily orbit and clock products. In recent years, GNSS center have achieved fruitful results, but it also faces many challenges in the new era. The teachers and students of the GNSS Center will continue to study in the future and devote themselves to exerting greater influence in the IGS Analysis Center.


The offline situation of the meeting


Teachers and students attending the meeting online

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