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Graduate students who are recommended for admission:

Those of you who are guaranteed to graduate school,

Have one more year of senior year than those who pass the unified examination.

You can get in touch with scientific research training as early as possible and lay a good foundation, so as to improve your personal ability earlier and make faster progress than other students.

So, hope you can grasp well, understand the difference between undergraduate and graduate students. The graduate students need more hands-on skills and the ability to solve problems independently. There will be a lot of training opportunities in the group, which can make a difference to you.

Several requirements: solid foundation, targeted, can work under pressure, persistent.

Graduate students who pass the unified examination:

It is not easy to take the postgraduate entrance examination.

I believe you cherish the opportunity of postgraduate study more and have certain goals for the future.

The GNSS Research Center offers majors in two directions: “Geodesy and Surveying Engineering” and “Navigation Guidance and Control”. If you apply for our GNSS Research Center and want to join our research group, welcome to contact Mr. Geng in advance ( Let's go forward hand in hand!

Several requirements: serious attitude, solid foundation, targeted, can work under pressure, persistent.

Undergraduate students:

Undergraduate students who aspire to the study and research of satellite navigation and positioning can apply to study in the laboratory in advance.

Several requirements: targeted, diligent and down-to-earth, can take into account the study and scientific research.


For details, please refer to the research direction of the research group, and you can contact Mr. Geng (

Post doctors:

Due to the research needs, the research group of Professor Geng Jianghui in the Satellite Navigation and Positioning Technology Research Center of Wuhan University plans to recruit several postdoctoral fellows to carry out (but not limited to) the research work of multi-frequency and multi-system GNSS precise positioning and orbit determination, integrated navigation and positioning methods and their industrial and geoscience applications.

For more information, please visit the website of the research group

[The relevant job requirements and remuneration are as follows]:

I. Job requirements

       1. Have strong interest in GNSS data processing.

       2. Have a solid academic and research training background, and the doctoral dissertation mainly focuses on GNSS itself and its related applications, or is related to integrated navigation and location services; Have good English reading, communication and writing skills.

       3. Have positive work enthusiasm, excellent learning and communication skills, good academic ethics and team spirit.

II. Remuneration

       1. Wuhan University will grant the research group one or two fully funded and mainly funded postdoctoral candidates every year, with an annual salary of more than 200,000 yuan. The research group will receive supporting funding for scientific research and considerable year-end awards based on your performance. In addition, you can enjoy living allowance, social insurance and other benefits, and you are provided with convenient housing and working conditions on campus.

       2. During the employment period, you can apply for national, provincial and municipal scientific research funds as the project leader.

       3. Assist to arrange cooperation and exchange opportunities with overseas universities and research institutions according to project progress and needs.

       4. Those with excellent performance can stay in the research group after leaving the center to continue their work with the title of Distinguished Research Fellow or be recommended to overseas famous laboratories for further study. Outstanding candidates can be appointed to the official teaching position of Wuhan University.

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