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Open source software PRIDE PPP-AR and phase clock/bias products from PRIDE Lab, GNSS Center, Wuhan University

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I. Announcements (Lists of important news)

  *** 12/17/2019: Known bugs have been fixed in and error replay is added for debug.
table/jpleph_de405 & table/igs14.atx are updated.

  *** 09/25/2019: The paper about phase bias/clock products computaton have been published on JoG.

  *** 09/05/2019: Small bugs have been fixed in and igs14.atx in table folder has been updated.

  *** 07/15/2019: PRIDE PPP-AR has been updated to support rapid phase bias/clock products. Besides, receiver clock jump check and recover is implemented.
   *** 07/15/2019: The rapid phase bias/clock products have been released. For convenience, we name the rapid phase bias/clock files in the same manner as the final products. Users should refer to the headers of the phase bias/clock products to distinguish between.
   *** 07/07/2019: Using PRIDE PPP-AR to calculate data after June 27, 2019 requires updating the leap.sec file.
   *** 07/05/2019: GPS Solutions Toolbox paper published.

 *** 07/10/2020: Due to the server upgrade, the phase clock/bias product is temporarily suspended for more than one month. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

II. Updated tables

    abs_igs.atx (
    oceanload (

III. Open source software PRIDE PPP-AR

  3.1 Acknowledgement

PRIDE PPP-AR originates in Dr. Maorong Ge's efforts on PPP-AR and later developed and improved by Dr. Jianghui Geng. It is an open-source software package which is based on many GNSS professionals' collective work in GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University. We would like to thank them all for their brilliant contributions to this software. We make this package open source with the goal of benefiting those professionals in their early career, and also advocate the geodetic and geophysical applications of PPP-AR. Especially, we hope that this package can contribute to high-precision applications in geosciences such as crustal motion and troposphere sounding studies. The entire open source project is funded by National Science Foundation of China (No. 41674033 and 41861134009) and is under the auspices of IAG JWG 4.4.1 "New GNSS Signals for Crustal Motion Studies".

PRIDE PPP-AR (Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution) aims at post-processing of GPS data. It is worth noting that PRIDE PPP-AR is capable of processing high-rate GPS data (i.e. 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz), which will be useful to GNSS seismology. We are developing multi-GNSS version, and keep an eye on our website for future upgrade. We hope you enjoy the software and will keep attention to the copyright issues.

The copyright of this package is protected by GNU General Public License (version 3). Only a few source code are not open to the public due to technical restrictions and conflicts with existing commercial packages, and thus will be available as a dynamic link library. We note that the LAMBDA and DE405 module are provided as dynamic link libraries as well because of some potential or possible redistribution restrictions by their authors. Those who are interested in these two modules and want to know more information on them can refer to TUDelft ( and NASA JPL (

PRIDE PPP-AR requires the phase clock/bias products in the bias-SINEX format computed and released by Wuhan University ( If you use this software or/and the phase clock/bias products, please acknowledge or cite the following publications,

1. Geng, J., Chen, X., Pan, Y. et al. (2019) A modified phase clock/bias model to improve PPP ambiguity resolution at Wuhan University. J Geod:1-15 doi:10.1007/s00190-019-01301-6

2. Geng J and Chen X (2018) Phase bias product and open-source software for undifferenced ambiguity resolution at Wuhan University. IGS workshop 2018, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, Wuhan, China.

3. Geng J, Chen X, Pan Y, Mao S, Li C, Zhou J, Zhang K (2019) PRIDE PPP-AR: an open-source software for GPS PPP ambiguity resolution. GPS Solut 23(4):91. doi:10.1007/s10291-019-0888-1.

3.2 System Requirements

Linux version
   (x64 default)







Pre-install 'gfortran' before installtion;
      Test result is consistent with the reference




Test result is consistent with the reference

CentOS 6.5



Test result is consistent with the  reference

3.3 Structures of PRIDE PPP-AR




Executable program


Pre-processing   RINEX files


Transform sp3 into     self-defined binary file


Least squares   adjustment


Residual editing


Ambiguity   resolution


Get configuration   parameters


Merge erp(3 files)   into one


Merge sp3(3 files)   into one


Convert XYZ to ENU


Open source program   form   RTKLIB( )

teqc, crxrnx

Third-party   programs, refer   to UNAVCO(     and


Some scripts for   efficient   data processing

Get initial   coordinates of   stations

Update leap second   file   (leap.sec)

Automatic   processing Shell   script


Source programs


Header files


Ambiguity   resolution


JPL planetary   ephemeris


Get configuration   parameters




Library functions,   and   ‘’


Least squares   adjustment


Sp3orb, mergeerp,   mergesp3


Residual editing


Pre-processing   RINEX files





Antenna phase   center offsets   and variations


Planetary ephemeris   file


Leap second between   TAI and   UTC(Need to be updated)


Ocean tide loading   file


File names   definition of   PRIDE PPP-AR

Initial coordinates   of all   stations

Installation script



Test script


Example data


Configuration files


Reference results   for   examples


PRIDE PPP-AR   project of   Code::Blocks for IDE users(cross-platform)

3.4 Modules of PRIDE PPP-AR

3.5 How to use this package of software?

Please refer to the manual of PRIDE PPP-AR. Click here to download the PRIDE PPP-AR manual

3.6 Download source code

    Download link 1

3.7 Download example and tables
Click here to download the example 【Note: please move the downloaded example to source code folder】
Click here to download the tables     【Note: please move the downloaded tables to source code folder】

3.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Click here to download the help document

IV. Phase Clock/Bias Products

4.1 Characteristics of phase clock/bias products 

(1) The phase clock/bias products are equivalent to integer clock products in theory.
(2) Both widelane and narrawlane phase biases are a value per day respectively.
(3) Users can apply the products on GNSS raw measurements directly.

4.2 How to use the phase clock/bias products?

Users must use the final orbit products from CODE ( along with our phase clock/bias products to achieve ambiguity resolution. It will have the best performance using our open source software PRIDE PPP-AR. The procedure to use our products are listed in the following,
(1)  Users only need to apply the products on L1/L2, P1/P2 raw measurements and then perform ionosphere-free combination to get float PPP ambiguities.
(2)  Use the calibrated L1/L2, P1/P2 measurements to fix widelane ambiguities. A particular note is that users must utilize the P1, P2 pseudorange observations in data processing.
(3)  Fix narrowlane ambiguities with integer method after fixing widelane ambiguities.

(4)  After having integer widelane and narrow ambiguities, users can obtain fixed PPP solutions by updating observation equations with these fixed ambiguities.

4.3 Download the phase clock/bias products

Click here to transfer to phase clock/bias products page

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