The team is established in 2016
by the group leader Jianghui
Geng, professor in GNSS Geo-
desy. We gather together,pursue
to do influential research and
strive for excellence.
Postdoctor invited
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A joint meeting between NSFC and CONICYT
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We attend Annual Meeting Of CGU(China Geoscience Union),2017
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Team Member Won Prize in Scientific Papers Competition
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GROPU LEADER :   Jianghui Geng

TITLE :   Professor and Thousand Youth Talents


I am interested in developing dedicated GNSS techniques to location-based services, geodetic and geophysical applications. Particularly, I am investigating precise point positioning ambiguity resolution (PPP-AR) technique to enable global instantaneous centimeter-level positioning. Also, I applied PPP-AR to sub-daily crustal deformation due to storm surge loading. At present, I am utilising real-time PPP-AR based on North American PBO/UNAVCO sites for earthquake and tsunami early warning along the Western U.S. coast. With my colleagues in Scripps and GNSS Research Center, I'm exploiting the seismogeodetic approach, which optimally combines high-rate GPS and accelerometers, to improve source imaging and seismic rotations.
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Dr. Mahdi Motagh 2016年11月7日(周一)上午10点 测绘遥感信息工程国家重点实验室二楼报告厅
Mahdi Motagh 博士工作于德国 German Research Center for Geoscience(GFZ). 作为永久高级研究员,领导了雷达和光学腰杆地质灾害监测小组,发表了50余篇学术论文 ...